Welcome to the wiKIBblog!

This site is my first attempt with Google App Engine, a sort of blog and wiki engine at the same time.

My old static blog was Kib's memo, was coded by hand, and I had to upload each time I wrote a new post.

In fact, I was in need for a wiki + a blog, so I've made this new one.


To edit a post, I've made my own rendering engine wich as no name yet. reStructuredText is fine, but too big for such a project, and I'm not satisfied by either Markdown, nor Textile : both are HTML oriented.

I also had a look at the PostMarkup project, it's a sort of BBCode parser for Python. I have integrated it inside the engine, but I don't use it for the moment.

In the future, I'll try to implement other backends, like LaTeX, Lout, and maybe one day the awesome but rather unknown (to a non Lisp programmer) CL-typesetting, just because I like Common Lisp features.

The rendering engine WiKib is in beta stage, and is avaible to download. I'm waiting for your comments.


Notes :

  • October 2008 : Table Of Contents is now supported.
  • September 2008 : Added some icons for the feeds, and tags were not sorted.
  • July 2008 : The blog Atom feeds are now fixed.

To contact me, just drop me a mail at kibleur dot christophe at gmail dot com .

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